• In Germany, a new Article 182 introduced a common age of consent of 14. Previously it had been 18 in the former West Germany (for sex between men), and 14 in the former East Germany for all.
  • In South Africa, all homosexuality is legalised at a set age of consent of 19, however the heterosexual age of consent is set at 16.
  • In the United Kingdom, the age of consent for gay men is reduced to 18, still two years more than that for heterosexuals.


  • February 21 - The United Kingdom House of Commons rejects a motion to equalize the age of consent at 16, but supports an amendment to reduce the age for gay men to 18.


  • March 9 - Scott Amedure gay man was shot to death by Jonathan Schmitz after revealing a secret crush on his heterosexual friend during a taping of the Jenny Jones talk show. Schmitz later convicted of second-degree murder with a sentence of 30 to 50 years.



  • December 6 - The American Medical Association declares its opposition to treatments intended to cure homosexuality.




  • March 9 - Scott Amedure, 32, talk show murder victim

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