Alexander John Goodrum (b. Oct. 3, 1960 – Sep. 28, 2002) was an African American transgender (female-to-male) civil rights activist[1]. He was the founder and director of TGNet Arizona, one of the first statewide transgender organizations in the United States.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Alexander had been involved as an activist in GLBT organizing and social justice issues since 1980 in Chicago, San Francisco and since 1996, in Tucson.

He was a board member of the Tucson, Arizona GLBT Commission and the Funding Exchange's OUT Fund, which allocates an annual grant named after Goodrum to LGBT community organizing projects. Goodrum was bisexual, disabled, and a transman. He worked extensively in each of these communities. Alexander's work is currently carried on by the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA).


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