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Amane Ohtori (鳳 天音 Ōtori Amane) is a secondary character in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Yuko Kaida. She is a lesbian because she's in a relationship with Hikari Konohana.

Also known as the "Prince of Spica" due to her masculine look. Amane appears to be a very loved and respected member of the school, much like Shizuma Hanazono, although she is more of a local celebrity of Spica. She is often seen riding a white horse named Star Bride, which makes her seem more like a Prince (a title which Shizuma later marks her with) from a Fairy tale.


Amane dislikes being the center of attention despite her popularity. She tends to have a silent demeanor which makes her seem intimidating and difficult to approach. It also seems that she is quite a shy type causing her to decline accepting presents from her many fangirls, with the exception of Hikari.

She is an early bird or tends to wake up early. In the morning, she trains with Star Bride, her horse, in the training grounds to avoid her fans. She stated that she becomes nervous with many people watching her and that she can't concentrate with loud noises from those who admires her.

She is also like a gentleman to Hikari.

Within her surroundings, she seems to have a bit of ignorance. After she met Hikari, rumors had spread in the school that the "Prince" is in love, even if it was only a small scale, Amane did not know of it even though the whole school is aware of her sudden change of behavior.