Andreas Krieger (born Heidi Krieger on 20 July 1966 in Berlin) is a former German shot putter, who competed as a woman in the East German athletics team. Like many prominent East German sportspeople at the time, Krieger was systematically doped with anabolic steroids.

At the 1986 European Championships in Athletics, Krieger won the gold medal in the shot put event. She retired in 1990. In 1997 Heidi, realizing that the steroids had left her with all the traits of a man save for a penis, felt she had no choice but to undergo sex reassignment surgery and change her name to Andreas.

Krieger gave evidence at the trial of Manfred Ewald, leader of the East German sports program and president of his East Germany's Olympic committee and Manfred Hoeppner, East German medical director in Berlin in 2000. He testified that the drugs he had been given had contributed to his transsexuality. Both Ewald and Hoepner were convicted of accessory to the intentional bodily harm of athletes, including minors.

The "Heidi Krieger Medal" (German: Heidi-Krieger-Medaille), named after Krieger, is now awarded annually to Germans who combat doping. Krieger's gold medal from 1986 forms part of the trophy.


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