Anyda Marchant (January 27, 1911 – January 11, 2006) was a lawyer (she was one of the first women to pass the Bar in Washington D.C.) and a founding partner of Naiad Press and A&M Books. She was also an author of primarily lesbian fiction, for which she wrote under the pseudonym Sarah Aldridge.

Personal Life

Marchant met Muriel Inez Crawford (April 21, 1914 – June 7, 2006) in 1947 and they became a couple in 1948, though they remained largely in the closet until the '90s. The couple was together for 57 years until Aldridge's death.

In 1965, Marchant and Crawford became permanent residents of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a place that was known for its LGBT community. There, the two had weekly 'Salons' on their porch.

Marchant only officially came out of the closet in 1990 with a public appearance at a Lambda Rising Bookstore.