BLUF (Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub) is an international fraternal organization of gay men and MSM sharing a fetishistic interest in leather breeches and uniforms. The leather breeches are worn inside tall leather boots known as jackboots. BLUF is a part of a larger leather subculture and the sexual aesthetic is similar to the exaggerated masculinity seen in the work of Tom of Finland. Members share interest in leather fetishism, boot fetishism, and uniform fetishism. Some wear leather uniforms reminiscent of German World War II era uniforms, but without the Nazi regalia or embracement of NSDAP politics. The other common uniforms worn are those of American style police motorcycle patrol and German police.

Membership is open to men of all races and nationalities above the age of consent in members' home countries. BLUF began as an Internet site in 1997 but has evolved to a series of in-person meets and events regularly scheduled in European and North American cities. Members frequently plan vacation time around, and travel to, international meetings. A majority of members live in northern Europe, primarily Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden ; and North America, but members are also found in Asia, Central America, South America and Africa.


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