Bad Romance (Chinese: 花为眉; pinyin: Hua wei mei; Alt. title: Les Mauvais Romans) is a mainland China 2011 independent drama film. Its English-language title was based on the song "Bad Romance", by singer/songwriter Lady Gaga. It was written and directed by first-time filmmaker François Chang, who has taken the essence of the song to create a story focussing on seven lonely individuals whose lives could be transformed after experiencing love at first sight.

The film premiered at the 27th Annual Boston LGBT Festival on 7 May 2011, and features male full-frontal nudity.

The director has subsequently directed two other films: Chifumi (2013) and The Forgiven (2015).


The story follows seven young men and women and their love lives: heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual, across the city of Beijing. A single mother meets a young student; a city boy meets a guy of his dream; a girl falls into a love game between a male and a female classmate from her French class.