The Teen Titans have gone through numerous changes over the decades, from lineups to locations, but since his introduction, Beast Boy has been one of the team's few constants. The green-skinned shapeshifter has been through a lot, and there's been many things that have defined him in the years since his existence. They're hard to ignore, too, from his veganism to his love of jokes. However, there's one part of him that hasn't gotten so much attention from those who write him: Ol' Garfield Logan has some leanings towards being a queer character. Beast Boy is an incredibly romantic person at heart, someone who loves to love and yearns to be loved. And, of course, there's Cyborg, which is where Teen Titans Go! comes in. Though the show doesn't really address Beast Boy's queerness in any real capacity (There is a clever Martian Manhunter joke where he completely misunderstands the name, but accepts the title with a wink.), there's still something going on with the character. Just as the show isn't afraid to stoke the powerful flames of Beast Boy and Raven, so it goes with him and Cyborg. In two separate episodes, Beast Boy is stuck in a classic romantic comedy plot wherein he goes to great lengths to get Cyborg an expensive gift for his birthday. (Cyborg, both times, flat out says that he'd prefer something simple, but being who he is, Beast Boy doesn't listen.) More recently, there was an episode that devoted itself to celebrating their friendship as though it was an anniversary or birthday. Not only does the episode involve a tiny creature that serves as a personification of their relationship, it had direct references to Top Gun (a queer film).