Bialogue, a portmanteau of the words bisexual and dialogue, is an American activist/political group based in New York City, working on issues of local, national & international interest to the bisexual community and it's allies.[1] Bialogue's mission is to dispel myths and stereotypes about bisexuality, address biphobia and bisexual erasure, educate the public on the facts and realities of bisexuality and advocate for the bisexual community. Its slogan is "Taking Action not just Offense".

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Bialogue founded in 2005, is the merger of two older New York City based activist/political groups BiPAC and the Coalition for Unity and Inclusion.[2]

BiPAC the "Bisexual Political Action Committee" (founded in 1989), was an explicitly militant activist political group dedicated to confronting & eradication biphobia wherever it was found. In addition to working on issues exclusive to NYC's bisexual community, BiPAC also worked in conjunction with other NYC LGBT & progressive groups of their day including ACT UP, Queer Nation, ILGO, "Children of the Rainbow", "Por Los Niños", Coalition for a District Alternative (CoDA), etc.[3]

The Coalition for Unity and Inclusion (founded 2000) was a coalition of bisexual and transgender activists who drew support from reform minded directors of the more traditional LGBT organizations, liberal politicians as well as the grass-roots bisexual and transgender community. They used such tactics as letter writing campaigns, petition drives and an innovative "feedback campaign" to achieve their goals.[4]

Interestingly enough, the original impetus for founding both BiPAC and the Coalition for Unity and Inclusion was to combat instances of blatant biphobia within the larger NYC LGBT community. While Bialogue, which emerged in response to the flap[5] over the the 'Bailey Study' which attempted to invalidate bisexuality itself,[6] has always worked closely with such established bisexual organization as BiNet USA, the Bisexual Foundation and the Bisexual Resource Center as well as mainstream LGBT groups such as GLAAD.

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