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Bizzaro Captain Hero is the Bizzaro version of Captain Hero. He appeared in the episode Gay Bash.


Bizzaro Captain Hero was a homosexual who went to Xandir's Gay Bash, where he had a run-in with Captain Hero. He started to talk to him about a previous gay experience the two of them had together. He implied that they did something in the bathroom and that the reason was initiation to go into the League of Heroes. Captain Hero stopped him there, telling him that they wouldn't let that go outside of Bizzaro World. Bizzaro Captain Hero said that technically, because they were in the bathroom at the Bizzaro World bus station, it's not considered Bizzaro World. Captain Hero punched him across the sky for this.

Later, Captain Hero was talking to the rest of the housemates, trying to convince them that if there were postcards for Bizzaro World, where they were at, then it had to be considered Bizzaro World. Shortly after, Bizzaro Captain Hero was seen, hanging from a noose, dead. Foxxy assumed that he killed himself, and Captain Hero nervously agreed, implying that he was the one who killed him, in order to prevent him from telling anyone else about their previous gay experience.