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Caroline Buxton is a character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, who was portrayed by Tandi Wright from late 1995 to early 2000. The character went through numerous storylines throughout her 4 years on the show, including; a long running romance with badboy Greg Feeney (Tim Balme), a euthanasia storyline that saw Caroline jailed for murder and a high-profile lesbian love affair, the first of its kind on New Zealand television. Since departing in 2000, Caroline is remembered as a favorable character and her two major storylines, the 1997 euthanasia episodes and the lesbian romance saga have been noted as two of the most iconic storylines to feature on the soap.


Caroline was hired by Margot Warner (Glynis McNicoll) to care for her terminally ill husband Bruce (Ken Blackburn) as his private nurse. Following his death, Caroline got a job as a receptionist at the hospital and briefly dated David Kearney (Peter Elliott). She went on to have a short relationship with Ian (David Press) who quickly moved on to Jenny (Maggie Harper). In 1997 Caroline's friend Annabel Lustwick (Jodie Dorday) arrived and Caroline was shocked to learn Annabel was suicidal after being diagnosed with crippling Multiple Sclerosis. Annabel pleaded with Caroline to help her die and Caroline eventually assisted in her suicide. She was arrested and Lionel (John Leigh) supported her through the ordeal. In December Caroline was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to time in prison. In 1998 Kirsty Knight (Angela Dotchin) proved Caroline was innocent and she was released from prison. She returned to nursing and briefly dated Rangi (Blair Strang). In 1999 Caroline dated Greg Feeney (Tim Balme) but broke up when she realized he was a drug dealer. She was fired after accusing Mackenzie (Ingrid Park) of attempting to murder Oscar (Christopher Brown). When she was proven right, Caroline was rehired. Caroline started to date Alan Dubrovsky (Malcolm Murray) and the two soon got engaged. However Caroline soon realized she was in love with bridesmaid Laura (Larissa Matheson) and dumped Al for Laura. The two dated for several months until Caroline fell back into the arms of Greg, who impregnated her and drove her off into the sunset.