A chickenhawk or chicken hawk is slang used in American and British gay culture to denote older males who prefer younger males for partners, who may less often be called "chickens",[1] i.e. the prey of the chickenhawk.[2] Other variations include chicken queen[3] and chicken plucker.[2]

It is sometimes used as a disparaging vulgarity within the LGBT community, or seen as a sexual slur against people in that community. The label can also be applied to a man who seeks partners with the look of someone young, regardless of their target's age.[4][5]

Much less frequently, "chickenhawk" indicates a man who uses underage boys for his sexual pleasure. The usage was publicized by members of the controversial group NAMBLA in the 1994 documentary film Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys,[6] although Time magazine reported it in this sense in 1975.[3]

The use and significance of this term have been the subject of academic discussions [7][8] as well as popular reports.


  • "Stephen Holden of the New York Times got pretty darn perturbed about Larry Clark’s Wassup Rockers, branding it a “chicken hawk” movie. It can’t be denied that Clark’s latest opus serves up the requisite lot of bare-chested teen boys, a twink (gay slang) motif going back to Clark’s 1971 photo classic, Tulsa. Yet I found it hard to get mad at Wassup Rockers, which opens this Friday at the Kendall Square. Its grimy-old-man ogling seems harmless — Clark’s feelings for his underage cast appear more affectionate and avuncular than exploitative."[9]
  • "They were joined onstage by Vance Nichols, who plays Nicholas, a male twink who’s more than a bit dim witted; Jon Lasister (Bobby), the stage manager of the drag show; Steven Greiner (Madeline McCray) who plays the role of Tony, drag diva Miss Tiki Torchsong; and Danny Proctor (Ray) who’s a chicken hawk club owner."[10]
  • "Where have we heard this before? Blame it on drugs and booze. I have trouble text messaging while sober. But now we are hearing that Congressman Mark Foley was a master of the BlackBerry as an alcoholic. It appears that for the powerful and important Foley, the effects of alcoholism were quite selective: freeing only his inner Chicken Hawk."[11]

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