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Cindi Tucker, commonly known as "Lover Cindi", is a lesbian fictional character, played by Alicia Leigh Willis, who is first seen in season five of the Showtime Network drama series, The L Word. "Lover Cindi" and her girlfriend Dawn Denbo own Shebar, a nightclub across from The Planet, owned by Kit Porter. Attitude-ridden girlfriend Dawn has undoubtedly taken control over "Lover Cindi", and always introduces her as "...and this is my Lover Cindi", rather than allowing Cindi to speak for herself.

Season Five Progression

In the season five episode Let's Get This Party Started, the main cast group attends the opening of a new lesbian club called Shebar, owned by the very shady Dawn Denbo and her "Lover Cindi" who moved from Miami.

At the party, Dawn and Cindi have a threesome with Shane McCutcheon, a cast regular who is well known for sleeping around. Although Dawn and Cindi are in an open relationship, it is made clear to Shane that they do things together. Shane chooses to still drive over to Shebar to see Cindi, and is invited over. When she gets to her house, Cindy is there wearing just a pair of high heels, but Shane thinks they should invite Dawn. Cindi protests, and they have sex anyway. At a party at Jenny and Shane's house later that day, Dawn drags her "Lover Cindi" in and confronts Shane, obviously very mad. Cindi, of course, has no say in anything.

Cindi continues to do everything Dawn asks of her, despite Dawn's attempts to sabotage Kit's business to win all her customers.

Things change in the season finale Loyal and True, when Helena Peabody returns to Los Angeles and finds out that Dawn Denbo bought The Planet from Ivan Aycock, who owned 51% of the business. Helena talks to Cindi, and although the conversation is not shown, she is obviously talking to her about buying The Planet back.

This is known to be true when later on that night, Helena confronts Dawn and informs her that she no longer owns The Planet, and after asking why not, she realizes that Cindi sold it to her. Cindi finally sticks up for herself, and ends with saying "By the way, it´s Tucker! Cindy Annabelle Tucker! Not Lover Cindy!" and proceeds to go off and dance with Helena.