Clover Honey (aka Lady Clover Honey) is the en femme persona of Mr. Clover Kevin Welsh and a well-known New York City socialite, activist and television personality. Mr. Welsh was born in Totowa, New Jersey and after reaching adulthood, moved across the Hudson River to New York City. He started dressing, expressing himself and performing as a “Lady” and became a prominent public figure, performer and national broadcast journalist.

Clover Honey is known for her role as a fun and glamorous news & entertainment correspondent on the national television program, Under the Pink Carpet, which is a comedic, entertainment news magazine series with a Gay theme. Under the Pink Carpet is taped in NYC and presented to PBS TV stations across the USA by WYBE-PBS-TV Philadelphia and distributed to cable stations by FSTV (Free Speech TV). In Canada and Australia, Under the Pink Carpet is seen on OUTtv cable network.

Whether she is reporting with her camera crew, performing or just partying, the Lady Clover Honey is regularly seen at funky downtown haunts and chic ballrooms like the Waldorf and on stage at famous concert halls like Carnegie. Clover Honey made history as the first Transgendered/Drag Diva Maestro Conductor at the world-renouned Carnegie Hall in 2005 as she conducted the NYC Gay Men's Chorus, the orchestra in front of a sold-out audience of over 2,800 spectators. She also is one of the directors the annual Fresh Fruit Festival, an avant-guard LGBT Theatre and Arts Festival.

Clover Honey is also an ardent Political Activist who worked in getting New York City to pass a law making discrimination based on Gender-Identity and Expression illegal and New York State pass legislation barring discrimination based on Sexual Orientation. She provides a Transgendered presence in the political scene by holding seats on the Board of Governors of prestigious Democratic Committees and is known at local, state and national government functions.

Photo: Lady Clover Honey. Photo by Wilson Models.

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