Crush is a 1992 New Zealand drama film directed by Alison Maclean. It was winner of four film awards and was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.


While driving through New Zealand so that literary critic Christina can interview author Colin Iseman, Lane crashes their car. Christina is hospitalized with severe injuries while Lane is able to walk away with only a mild head injury.

The following day Lane goes to Colin's home where she meets Colin's teenage daughter Angela, whom she initially mistakes for a boy. Lane takes Angela out drinking and the two quickly become friends. After meeting her briefly when she spends the night Colin becomes infatuated with her and the two sleep together.

In the meantime, Christina slowly recovers and starts to remember the events, but has limited mental capabilities. The four (Colin, Lane, Angela and Christina) go to a trip in a forest where Christina stands up from the wheelchair and starts to walk again with the help of Lane who confesses she is very sorry of the accident and tries to help her making the first steps again. The two women walk to a wooden overlook built above a cascade and Christina pushes an absent-minded Lane over the overlook's handrail and into the abyss. The entire scene is watched by Angela from distance who then runs to the spot, looks at the collapsed Christina, then down the whirling cascade waters, but cannot see whether Lane has survived or not. This is where the film ends.