D.E.B.S. is a 2004 American action-comedy film written and directed by Angela Robinson. A feature-length version of Robinson's 2003 short film of the same name, D.E.B.S. follows the relationship between spy-in-training Amy Bradshaw and supervillain Lucy Diamond. Though D.E.B.S. was a critically mixed box office bomb upon its initial release, it has found later success as a cult film.


Embedded in the SAT is a secret test that determines aptitude for espionage. Women who score highly on the test are recruited into D.E.B.S. (Discipline, Energy, Beauty, Strength), a clandestine paramilitary academy. Four D.E.B.S. — squad leader Max, naïve Janet, promiscuous Dominique, and Amy, who dreams of attending art school despite being the academy's top recruit — are tasked by Ms. Petrie and Mr. Phipps, the heads of D.E.B.S., to surveil supercriminal Lucy Diamond. They observe Lucy on what they believe to be a meeting with Russian assassin Ninotchka Kaprova, only to learn the women are on a blind date.

The date ends in a shootout between Lucy and the multiple intelligence agencies surveilling her. As Lucy escapes, she is caught in a standoff with Amy, where they share a friendly moment in which Amy informs Lucy that she is writing her senior thesis about her. Lucy escapes when Amy's attention wavers, and the D.E.B.S. praise Amy for being the only person to have ever faced Lucy and lived. That night, Lucy visits Amy and coerces her (along with Janet, who witnesses Lucy speaking with Amy) into joining her at a nightclub. Lucy and Amy grow closer and are about to kiss, but are interrupted by Janet.

The next day, Amy is promoted to squad leader, replacing Max. They respond to a bank heist orchestrated by Lucy, which she has committed in order to see Amy again. They kiss, and run off together. D.E.B.S. assumes Amy has been kidnapped and organize a nationwide manhunt to find her. On the basis of a tip from a jealous Ninotchka, they discover Amy and Lucy while they are having sex. Ms. Petrie prepares to exile Amy, but Max convinces her to claim that Amy was brainwashed in order to protect the reputation of both D.E.B.S. and Amy.

In an attempt to win Amy back, Lucy returns everything she has ever stolen. She infiltrates the D.E.B.S. year-end dance, where Amy is to be made D.E.B. of the year, only to hear Amy deliver a speech about her experience as Lucy's captive. When Amy and Lucy meet eyes, Amy retracts her entire speech, and runs off-stage to be with Lucy. Max, Janet, and Dominique give their blessings to Lucy and Amy, and allow them to make their escape. Lucy and Amy ride off into the night, heads on one another's shoulders.