The Daddy's girl fetish is a form of sexual fetishism that uses a couple's real or imagined age difference as the foundation of their sexual roleplay. It is not only practiced by an older man and younger woman, it may also be practiced by couples who are the same age, or where the woman is older than the man, because biological age is less important than the interpersonal dynamic between them. Homosexual people may also practice this type of roleplay. The "girl" role a woman plays can be any specific age up through teenage years, or can be age-indeterminate.

The lifestyle pursued by the couple (generally excluding their professional lives and contacts with others who would not approve) cast the woman as her partner's daughter. It often incorporates elements of domination and submission. These relationships can be cohabitational, but may also be practiced long-distance, as no sexual or physical contact is required. It is usually sexual roleplaying, but some couples extend it to a lifestyle and remain in role with each other at all times. They may go on outings to the playground, the movies, shopping at the mall, or out for ice cream cones. The female partner sometimes dresses in clothing appropriate to the age girl she likes to imagine being, and treated as such during roleplay.

The Daddy's girl fetish does not always involve age role play. Often, it is merely a relationship dynamic involving nurturing and care taking on the part of the parental Dominant. The parental type power is the seat of the allure in this fetish. The Daddy makes sure his "little girl" is safe, happy and healthy.

While uncommon as a full-time lifestyle choice, a less-involved Daddy's girl/Lolita scenario is a relatively common one-time or occasional theme in many couples' private sexual roleplay, and has been featured in many movies and TV shows.

Disputed: "such as the recent David Cronenberg film A History of Violence." The context of the narrative does not clearly support that the role play in this movie involves an age difference or a parental Dominant. The narrative, instead, supports the conclusion that the participants are both role playing as equal partners of a younger age. The above-mentioned scene is of a cheerleader and a man, even if this man was of older age i.e. a coach, this scene is not a Daddy/girl scene. The role of Daddy is essential—there are variations which don't apply to this fetish, such as Coach/Teenage athlete, Uncle/Nephew, etc.

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