Darlex, sometimes sold under the trade name Darlexx, is made from two layers of Spandex fused together with a thin layer of rubber in between.

An omni-directional warp knit fabric laminated to a monolithic film. It is a sports performance fabric used in gloves, boots, wet suits, ski apparel, clean rooms, and in medical applications. It was designed to keep a person warm when the environment is cold and cool when the environment is hot. Darlex is breathable, windproof, and waterproof.[1]

Darlex is thicker, more constricting and opaque than Spandex which lead to its use in a range of fetish and bondage garments, such as hobble skirts, straitjackets, and hoods. With hoods, breathing holes are advisable due to the impermeable nature of Darlex.

It is also known that while popular for fetish it is also very useful in applications in specialty orthopedic garments and clothing along with coverings for different seating and positioning systems on wheechair's


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