Daughters of the Sun (Persian: دختران خورشید‎ Dokhtaran-e khorshid) is the harrowing and challenging tale of a young woman shorn of her femininity and sent as a boy to a squalid carpet workshop, where a young woman falls in love with her. The movie is a 2000 Iranian drama written and directed by Mariam Shahriar with Altinay Ghelich Taghani and Soghra Karimi in the lead. The movie was noted for successfully depicting the hardships faced by women in the rural economic conditions of Iran.


The film opens with the father of Amangol shaving her head. He then disguises her as a boy and sends her to a carpet workshop in a distant village to become an apprentice to a rug weaver and help out the family back home. The employer who is known for his harsh treatment of his employees, beats Aman (who has taken the name Aman) for small infractions, withholds her mother's letters she receives, and keeps her locked in the workshop during evenings. Overcome with despair, Aman finds comfort and solace in one the co-workers named Belkies who, thinking she is a boy, has fallen in love with her. A deep friendship blossoms between the two, but things take a turn when Belkies asks Aman to marry her before her parents marry her off to a man 30 years her senior.