Template:Infobox Film Deconfliction is a 2008 independent documentary produced by Mobius Films about Tina Highland, a transgender individual who believes the Cold War is partially responsible for her gender dysphoria. The film was shot in North Carolina and directed by Edward R. Tyndall.


In utero during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Chris Highland grew up obsessed with the prospect of nuclear annihilation. After spending years studying the conflicts that led up to the Cold War, Chris accompanied Russian troops to Chechnya as a photographer. Shot by Chechen Rebels while on his journey, Chris narrowly escaped with his life. During recovery he experienced an epiphany: the conflict he had been chasing all these years was inside him. Deconfliction delves into the mind of an individual struggling to make peace with his conflicted gender identity; a conflict that Chris believes may have been caused by the Cold War itself.


The film has played at the Independent Film Channel[1] The film has also played at several international film festivals. Among them were:

  • The Tribeca Film Festival[2]
  • The Rhode Island International Film Festival[3]
  • The Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival[4]
  • The Lake County Film Festival[5]


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