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Deputy Edwin Durland (born May 20 - June 21, 1980s) is a recurring character that debuts in the Disney series Gravity Falls. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson. He is portrayed as a dimwitted, incompetent policeman who works alongside Sheriff Blubs, a deputy and the right-hand man of Durland.

Durland’s Homosexuality

It has been long speculated that Deputy Durland and Deputy Blubs are gay lovers due to their close relationship. During Alex Hirsch’s and Dana Terrace’s first Charity Draw-A-Thon, Alex confirmed fans’ inquiries that Deputy Durland and Sheriff Blubs are in fact a couple.


  • Deputy Durland is illiterate.
  • In the episode "Blendin's Game," it is shown that Deputy Durland was the handyman at the Mystery Shack before Soos. Soos was hired precisely less than 20 seconds after Durland was fired.
  • At some point, Durland's face was stolen by Mr. What's-His-Face, who had it hanged on his wall in "Face It".

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