Destroyer (real name Roger Aubrey) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. He is the lover of previous "Destroyer", Brian Falsworth.

Roger Aubrey was initially known as Dyna-Mite, a member of the Crusaders. He was only 12 centimeters high, but with a full size man's strength. After regaining his normal height, he took over Brian Falsworth's first costumed identity.

Publication history

The character first appeared as Dyna-Mite in Invaders vol. 1 #14-15 (March-April 1977). He appears as Dyna-Mite in The Invaders #18-23 (July-December 1977).

The character subsequently appears as the Mighty Destroyer in The Invaders #26-28 (March-May 1978), #34 (November 1978), #41 (September 1979), Marvels #1 (January 1994), Marvel Comics Presents #156 (June 1994), Midnight Sons Unlimited #9 (May 1995), Thunderbolts #35 (February 2000), #38-42 (May-September 2000), #45-51 (December 2000-June 2001), Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1-3 (June-August 2001), Thunderbolts #57-58 (December 2001-January 2002), #60 (March 2002), Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #1-4 (March 2002-July 2002), The New Invaders #2 (November 2004), #4-5 (January-February 2005), and #9 (June 2005).

The Destroyer received an entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age (2004).

Fictional character biography

Aubrey, a close friend of the hero Lord Falsworth, one of the Union Jacks, supported peace between Germany and Britain. Around 1938, the pair went on a German tour. War began and the two quickly discovered the evils of the Nazis. Both were thrown in prison. Falsworth's connections helped him but he could not help Aubrey, who was taken away.

German scientists experimented upon Aubrey, while Falsworth became the 'Destroyer', fighting a guerrilla war against Germany. Aubrey is shrunk to just a foot in height but manages to keep the strength of a full size man. He was brainwashed and sent to fight the Allies. He was eventually captured and reprogrammed. He joins the superhero team, the Crusaders, as Dyna-Mite.

After some time, Aubrey regains his full height and is reunited with Falsworth. They began a romantic relationship. Aubrey takes on the persona of the Destroyer, evolving it to the Mighty Destroyer. Falsworth adopts the Union Jack identity.

The two continue to battle the Axis powers. After the war, they form the V-Battalion, which hunts down war criminals. In 1953, Aubrey loses Falsworth in a car accident. He carries on as leader of the Battalion's Penance Council.

At some point, Aubrey has a time travel adventure to the Stone Age, which he finds unpleasant.

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