A scared looking red and white robot attempts to hold a determined looking orange and white robot back as the orange and white robot reaches towards the viewer. Both robots are coded male.

Drift (upper left) holds Ratchet (lower right) back on the cover of Lost Light Issue 18.

Drift is a gay character from Transformers. He is only explicitly gay in Generation One of the IDW comics, but other Transformers media rarely contradicts his sexuality as it is presented in IDW. He has a relationship with and eventually marries Ratchet.

He was a Decepticon for most of the war and went by the name Deadlock, but when he defected to the Autobots, he returned to using his original name Drift. He uses guns as a Deceptican and swords as an Autobot. He is coded as Japanese in most media he is depicted in. Following his defection he became religious and is a practicing spectralist.