Actress Eva Robin's in Dario Argento's 1982 film, Tenebrae

Eva Robin's was born Roberto Maurizio Coatti on December 10, 1958 in Bologna, Italy and is a transgender Italian Actor and activist. She was born male and developed extremely feminine features naturally. She considers herself an androgynous individual, rather than transsexual. She says that while she "was an apparently 'normal' boy growing up, at puberty she developed breasts and her body failed to masculinize like the other boys", which indicated an intersex condition. She felt that she was meant to be a woman, and changed her name accordingly.

Contrary to conflicting mentions, Eva currently does spell her last name with an apostrophe in it. She took her nom de plume from a character in Italy's Diabolik comics, Eva Kant, and writer Harold Robbins. She later saw the name "Robbins" spelled as "Robin's" and decided to take on that particular spelling.

Movie Credits

  • Eva Man (1980)
  • Tenebrae (1982)
  • Mascara (1987)
  • Gioco al massacro (1989)
  • Belle al bar (1994)
  • Luna e l'altra (1996)
  • Il primo estratto (1997)
  • I miei più cari amici (1998)
  • Cattive inclinazioni (2003)

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