Fremde Haut
Directed byAngelina Maccarone
Written byAngelina Maccarone
Judith Kaufmann
StarringJasmin Tabatabai
Anneke Kim Sarnau
Navíd Akhavan
CinematographyJudith Kaufmann
Release dateTemplate:Country data Germany 24 September 2005 (Hamburg Film Festival)
Template:Country data USA 18 November 2005 (cinema release)
Running time97 min
CountryGermany, Austria
LanguageGerman, Persian

Fremde Haut (2005) is a German film released 20 October 2005. It was directed by Angelina Maccarone and stars Jasmin Tabatabai, Anneke Kim Sarnau, and Navíd Akhavan. Its English title is Unveiled.


Writers Maccarone and Judith Kaufmann conceived the idea for the film in 1998. In 2002, Maccarone sent a copy of the script to actress Tabatabai, who reviewed it. As an Iranian, Tabatabai worked with Maccarone and Kaufmann to rewrite the story to be more realistic. For example, the main character became "more subtle, not as outspoken."[1]

Plot summary

The film tells the story of Fariba Tabrizi, played by Jasmin Tabatabai, who leaves Iran as a refugee after her romantic relationship with another woman, which is illegal in Iran, is found out. In the refugee detention centre at the Frankfurt Airport, her application for asylum is rejected. To gain asylum in Germany, she must take on the identity of a fellow asylum-seeker, who has just committed suicide. Passing as Siamak Mustafai, a male, Fariba develops a relationship with a female coworker.


The original German title translates as "stranger's skin." Maccarone said,

On the one hand it means to wear another person’s personality, and on the other it has an erotic notion to it.[1]

The English title, Unveiled, was conceived by the U.S. distributor of the film.[1]


  • Jasmin Tabatabai, as Fariba Tabrizi
  • Anneke Kim Sarnau, as Anne
  • Navíd Akhavan, as Siamak Mustafai
  • Georg Friedrich, as Burkhardt


In 2006, Jasmin Tabatabai was nominated for the German Film Award as Best Actress.

  • Hessian Film Award 2005
  • Seattle Film Festival 2005: "Best Narrative Feature"
  • Image Nation Film Festival Montreal 2005: "Great Jury Prize"
  • Cyprus International Film Festival 2006: Best Actress in a Feature Film (Jasmin Tabatabai), Best Director (Angelina Maccarone), Best Film (Golden Aphrodite Award)

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