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Fudgie Frottage is the stage name of San Francisco performer, producer and community activist Lu Read.[1][2] He is an exaggerated character in the tradition of drag, and self-described as the "man with the biggest balls in show business."[3] Frottage is a well known drag king and performing icon in the queer community for his many appearances at pride, king, drag queen, faux queen and community events.[4] He also emcees, produces and acts as a guest celebrity judge for many of the local contests.[5] Frottage produces and co-emcees several different community events on an annual basis, such as the San Francisco Drag King Contest, the largest and oldest drag king contest in the world, which has helped raise the level of drag kinging and spread the artform beyond the Bay Area.[6][7][8] As an underground fixture he has been a part of avante garde films and performances.[9][10] His work has been recognized officially by The City of San Francisco.[11]


  • Virtue[9]—Esther Paik/Camera Obscura, 1997
  • Gendernauts[12] - Monica Treut, 1997
  • Strap 'Em Down[13]—Ann Meredith, 2002
  • El Presidente[14][15]—Anne Geezman/ISW, 2005
  • Lulu Gets a Facelift[16]—Marc Huestis, 2006

Television appearances

  • Lavender Lounge, 1996
  • Maury, 1999
  • Canned Peaches, SF cable, 2000
  • Reality Check, SF cable, 2001
  • Dog Eat Dog (NBC) 2003
  • The Tyra Banks Show, 2005



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