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Gino Esposito (né Ray Murphy) is a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played first by Claude Stevens in one episode, then by Shane McNamara, who has continued in the role on a recurring basis for six years. He is the owner of 'A Good Hair Day', the salon Lyn Scully and later Janelle Timmins have worked at. He is also involved in community theatre.

Although it has never been explicitly revealed, Gino is heavily implied to be homosexual. He has clearly effeminate mannerisms, as well as a possé of attractive female friends (whose presence encouraged Lou Carpenter to befriend him at one point). Many scenes referred to a feud with a flatmate called Aaron, a much younger man who was later confirmed to be gay. His real name is in fact 'Ray Murphy'; he adopted an Italian-sounding name so as to appear more glamourous. Lyn discovered this and he paid her a bribe to keep it a secret.