Part of the ball culture scene as documented by the film Paris Is Burning, the House of Diabolique emerged in 1996 and soon developed a cult following in New York's notoriously fickle underground dance community.

Diabolique herself, a self-described "robot drag queen who does not exist", brought NYC club culture to the web through the House of Diabolique website, musing from week to week on new dance music, DJs, clubs and other aspects of New York's after-hours culture. Over the years her topics expanded to include commentary on pop culture, religion, politics and humor while always relating back to the club community's first love, music.

The House of Diabolique has done a lot to preserve and promote the history of the NYC house sound. Their online archive contains thousands of song samples from multiple dance music genres including house, trance, electro, freestyle, disco, nu-electro, bitch tracks, runway, and more.

In 2001, Diabolique recounted her battle with a rare form of cancer, Burkitt's lymphoma. Since then, she has been in remission.

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