International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) is an American non-profit transgender advocacy organization founded in 1987 and devoted to "overcoming the intolerance of transvestitism and transsexualism brought about by widespread ignorance."

Founder Merissa Sherrill Lynn states, "The crossdressing and transsexual phenomena have been an integral part of human experience as long as there has been a human experience. These phenomena have manifested themselves in every society and in every walk of life throughout history, and continue to affect the lives of vast numbers of people. Yet, as common as they are, ignorance of them, and the resulting intolerance and fear, continues to cost good people their happiness, their jobs, their families, and their lives. It costs society its neighbors, its friends, and its productive citizens."

IFGE also publishes Transgender Tapestry and gives out an annual Trinity Award for service to the community.

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