The International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS) was international organization with the purpose to foster international lesbian organizing. It was started within ILGA in 1980. Next year, at a separate lesbian conference arranged prior to the ILGA Turin conference, lesbian organizations decided that ILIS should be a separate organization.

ILIS arranged several international conferences. The activities seem to have gradually stopped in the late 1990s.

ILIS also published a newsletter. The publishing duties and the location of the ILIS Secretariat rotated as follows:

  • ILIS cheap stencil service, Amsterdam 1980-81
  • ILIS Newsletter, Helsinki 1981-83; Oslo 1984
  • ILIS Bulletin, Geneva 1984-86
  • ILIS Newsletter, Amsterdam 1987-1998

The five ILIS demands

ILIS was campaigning with these five basic demands:

  • We have the unconditional right to control our own bodies.
  • We have a right to education that is not sexist or heterosexist and which includes positive information about lesbian lifestyle.
  • We need the right to self-organisation.
  • All governments must repeal legislation which criminalizes us or discriminates against us.
  • Therefore, all governments must pass human rights legislation to protect individuals against discrimination based on color, class, creed, sex and sexual preference.

Bibliographic references

Anderson, Shelley, Lesbian rights are human rights! Amsterdam: ILIS, 1995.

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