Jake Jett is a fictional character from the game series The Sims. He resided in The Dream House in Willow Creek with Ryder and Cody, in addition to Anthony, and Reuben. Jake was the husband to Ryder Jett.


Jake was an interesting character and someone who would struggle to handle and hold a marriage as he married and divorced two men before marrying his soulmate, Ryder. At first, Jake seemed like someone who would play with feelings as he wasn't sure how he felt about Ryder and didn't know how to tell him how he felt. However, Ryder managed to convince Jake that they could be a couple and eventually started dating. Jake has always wanted a family so he tried to trick Faith into getting pregnant with his child but she stopped before they went through with it. Jake was one of the most disliked characters in the series because of how he was when he was much younger and for playing with Ryder's feelings before they became official. However, Jake's character developed and improved over the years.