Template:Infobox Character Jamie Sands is a minor lesbian character from the web series Last Life portrayed by Lauren Compton. She only appears at the beginning of Episode 1, where she is seen hooking up with Sloane Fox and ends up sleeping with her.


Sloane roughly pushed Jamie against a wall and kissed her, showing that she was in charge. The two began kissing and taking each other's clothes off. After Jamie told Sloane she was surprised at her calling her and thought she wasn't into her, Sloane compelled Jamie to 'just shut up and kiss [her]', which she did. They took the action to bed and procced to have sex and sleep together.

Sloane woke up, got dressed and left, leaving Jamie's fate unknown.

Appearance and personality

Jamie is a seductive blonde woman with a slightly busty chest.

Personality-wise, Jamie seems to be a romantic, as shown when she makes out with Sloane. She also seems to be kinky, as the thought of erotically choking Sloane while having sex with her makes Jamie giggle.


Sloane Fox

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Sloane is Jamie's one-time lover, although it's never said if she genuinely loved Sloane, or it was just a minor hookup.


  • Season 1
    • "Before I Met You"


  • "Okay, but they may choke you... Unless you're into that." (to Sloane, Last life)


  • Lauren Compton, who plays Jamie, is actually straight.
  • She is never seen in the series again, though she is seemingly mentioned by Aydrien as something that happened in Seattle. However, despite the great sex she had with Jamie, Sloane seems over her, even saying that 'a girl has needs', implying that Jamie was pretty forgettable, and was nothing more than a distraction.
  • Jamie is one of the few characters unaware of who Sloane really is, let alone that the supernatural live among humans.
  • Even though Taylor is Sloane's soulmate, Jamie is more recognizable.