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James "Jamie" Stewart ( born 1972) is the frontman of the American musical group, Xiu Xiu (singer/guitarist/programmer), and is also a member of 7 Year Rabbit Cycle. He is a native of Northridge, California, and currently lives in Oakland, California. He is bisexual [1]. His father, Mike Stewart, was formerly a music producer and a computer programmer. His mother was a teacher, with whom Jamie worked temporarily. The majority of Jamie's songwriting is centered around his past experiences, especially those with his family. His talent has been said to have possibly come from his father, who has produced artists like Billy Joel and Tom Jones, and was in the 1960s band We Five. Jamie started out in an R&B cover band before forming IBOPA with his dad and seven other comrades. When IBOPA broke up, he took four of his men to create Ten in the Swear Jar, which dissolved into Xiu Xiu. In addition, over the course of time, Jamie has played with members of Devo and the Divinyls.

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