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Jean is the one-time character that only appeared in the 6teen episode "Role Reversal". She was hired at the Khaki Barn in order to help with the holiday rush. Jean and Nikki developed a bond after Jean revealed that she didn't like the Clones any more than Nikki did, even though she seemed to be getting along with them—Jean explained that since she was only going to be working at the Khaki Barn for two weeks, there was no reason for her to go out of her way to be a jerk to the Clones. Nikki and Jean also discovered that they had a lot in common, particularly a common interest in traveling, and the two soon developed a friendship.

However, Nikki and Jean's friendship was tested when the gang pointed out that Jean might be a lesbian and may possibly have a crush on Nikki. Later, while working at the Khaki Barn, Nikki (sort of hesitantly) questions Jean if she is in fact gay. Jean, not offended in any way, admits that she is actually a lesbian—Jean also seemed to think that Nikki was trying to ask her out, so Jean admits that she actually already has a girlfriend (later revealed to be Connie, the drummer in Wyatt's band). Despite the minor mishap, Jean and Nikki remain friends.