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Jenny's Wedding is a 2015 American independent film written and directed by Mary Agnes Donoghue. The film stars Katherine Heigl, Alexis Bledel, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Grace Gummer and Matthew Metzger. Heigl plays Jenny, a woman who finally decides to get married, but her choice of partner tears her conventional family apart. Jenny's Wedding was filmed on location in Cleveland from October 2013. An Indiegogo campaign was later launched to help raise money for post-production costs. The film was released on July 31, 2015 in a limited release by IFC Films.


Jenny (Katherine Heigl) will get married to Kitty (Alexis Bledel), but her family does not know her sexuality. Her parents, Eddie (Tom Wilkinson) and Rose (Linda Emond), have always dreamed of the day their middle daughter get married and are overjoyed when they find out that she is engaged, but not to whom they expected as she plans to wed a woman. Jenny has the support of her older brother, Michael (Matthew Metzger), but has to deal with the prejudice of parents and the conflicts with her younger sister, Anne (Grace Gummer), who always felt rejected and less loved by the family.