Template:Infobox Journal The Journal of Bisexuality is a relatively new peer reviewed academic journal published by The Haworth Press, Inc., in New York. The journal covers a wide range of topics on bisexuality including new bisexuality research, bisexual issues in therapy, differences from the straight, lesbian and gay communities, growth of the bisexual movement, bisexuality and the media, bisexual history, and different bisexual lifestyles.

In addition to the peer-reviewed literature, the journal also publishes book and movie reviews covering bisexual lead characters from every era. Special thematic issues cover topics singularly; such as women and bisexuality — a global perspective, bisexual women in the twenty-first century, bisexual men in culture and society, and bisexuality in the lives of men.

The first editor of the Journal of Bisexuality was Fritz Klein; and published in 2000. The current editor is Jonathan Alexander, PhD, Professor of English at the University of California, Irvine.

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