Julia Mallory is a fictional character on the FX television series Dirt, played by Laura Allen.


At the start of the series, Julia is "America's sweetheart", but as DirtNow destroys her career, the series tracks her character's degeneration, pain and corruption.


Julia Mallory is an actress dating actor Holt McLaren. She hurt her back in episode one after Holt crashed their car at 90 miles an hour following the news of Kira Klay's death which he had unknowingly set in motion. She has since suffered back problems, which lead to her termination from her role on a sitcom. Although she declares she loves Holt several times, her health, emotional, and psychological problems have led to several fights between them. During a drug session with Garbo and her male friend, she participated in sexual acts between all three of them. When she woke up a short time later, she appeared guilty.

She was sent in a secluded rehab clinic by Holt in Santa Barbara. After leaving, she is fighting for her and Holt's relationship as Holt cheats on her with Lucy and she has had sex with her lesbian dealer several times. Holt helps her acquire a sex tape of her from Lucy Spiller and fictional actor Johnny Gage before it can circulate. However, she herself leaks the tape to Perez Hilton and accuses Johnny Gage of rape, and Johnny subsequently tries to drag Lucy down with him for not doing anything about it. Lucy exposes her and her dying reputation and career is damaged greatly further.

After Lucy's rival, Tina Harrod (played by Jennifer Aniston), exposes Holt as Lucy's source and lover, she snaps. She brutally attacks Lucy at her home by stabbing her and taking an extreme pleasure in the attack, with the very clear intent to murder her. However, while running away from the crime scene, Leo Spiller, Lucy's brother, hits Julia with his car, killing her.