Kriss Worthington is an American politician who is currently serving as a Berkeley, California city council member for District 7, that includes the UC Berkeley campus and a large part of Southside, Berkeley, California. Worthington also ran unsuccessfully for the California State Assembly in 2008.

Worthington is known for his liberal politics and appointing UC Berkeley students to positions in city government.[1][2] Worthington is openly gay.[3] He attended Wilmington College in Ohio, founded by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) where he was student body president and ran for Homecoming Queen "as a challenge against the sexism of Homecoming stereotypes." As a creative protest against the Vietnam War he made headlines in Washington, DC, by eating only apple pies, under a banner "Peace is as American as Apple Pie." He volunteered in efforts to create an edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves, a landmark feminist-oriented health book, was an ardent supporter of women's musicians in the Boston area, befriending Susan Abod and Maxine Feldman, and established a series of peace houses that hosted overnight shelters for homeless women.

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