Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD) ("Lesbian and Gay Federation" in Germany) is the largest civil rights organisation of homosexuals in Germany.

The association was founded in 1990 as gay association in the GDR by former opposition acitivists against the communist government. After the reunification, civil rights activists joined them.

The organisation became known throughout Germany for its campaign for gay marriage in 1992.

The organisation has a welfare branch, is working with ILGA on international human rights issues and had a lot of success in supporting equal rights for homosexuals and legal acknowledgement of same sex partnerships.

Prominent members

Manfred Bruns, Volker Beck, Eduard Stapel, Günter Dworek and Halina Bendkowski were prominent persons in the Board of Directors. People from the arts like Comic-Designer Ralf König, comedian Hella von Sinnen, director Rosa von Praunheim, from politics and from science like sexologist Rolf Gindorf and others are prominent individual members of the organisation.

Board of directors

The actual Board Members are: Günter Dworek, Manfred Bruns, Anette Hecker, Jacques Teyssier, Hasso Müller-Kittnau, Martin Pfarr, Uta Kehr, Philipp Braun, Hartmut Schönknecht, Axel Blumenthal, Axel Hochrein, Hannah Lea, Simone Huckert.

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