Lara Perkins is a fictional character on the Showtime television series The L Word. She is played by the Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith. Lara first appeared on the episode 1.02:Let's do it.

Lara is a sous-chef who was the love interest of Dana Fairbanks in various parts of the series. Their relationship did not last very long in the first season.

Lara returned in the second season as chef at the Planet. At this time, she was dating Alice's ex, Gabby Deveaux. Lara met Dana again when Dana came for lunch at the Planet. Having broken up with Gabby, Lara asked Dana for a dinner date. They dated throughout some of the third season. She discovered the cancerous lump in Dana's breast and was with her through the mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Dana's depression and frustration caused her to tell Lara to leave. After Dana's death, Lara and Alice Pieszecki (Dana's best friend and former girlfriend) started seeing each other secretly. As they begin to know each other better, Alice finds out that Lara has a large family, including a younger sister and three brothers. At the beginning of the fourth season, Alice mentions Lara has taken a job in San Francisco.