Lavender Media is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based media company that began with the 1995 launch of Lavender, a biweekly magazine for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) population of the Twin Cites area.

The magazine was tailored for the Minnesota market; Minneapolis has the second-highest percentage of LGBT population in the nation,[citation needed] and among large metro areas, the 2000 Census ranks Minneapolis as having the third-largest concentration of gay and lesbian couples.

Lavender Media has grown to include the magazine itself and its online component, as well as a Yellow Pages Edition, and the Lavender Pride Edition, the largest pride publication in America with more than 350 pages.[citation needed] The company also creates and distributes Wanda Wisdom, a daily podcast that mixes a talk show with comedic elements, and Big Gay News, a daily podcast of LGBT world news.[1]


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