This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.
Lee Si-yeon
Name at BirthLee Dae-hak
Born24 July 1980
BirthplaceSouth Korea
OccupationActress, model

Lee Si-yeon (hangul:이시연, hanja:李詩姸, born Lee Dae-hak, 24 July 1980[1]) is a South Korean transgender actress and model. In 1999 her debut for Anti-Miss Korea, In 2007, gender transition operative.[2][3] Born Lee Dae-hak(이대학, 李大鶴). Niece of Seo Jae-hyok, a famous Singer-songwriter and guitar player from South Korea and a member of Buhwal(부활)[4]


Lee debuted as a male model under her birth name Dae-hak, becoming known for her feminine appearance and wearing women's clothing on the catwalk, but ultimately wished to pursue a career as an actor. She appeared in the films My Boss, My Hero (2001) and Sex Is Zero (2002), providing comic relief in effeminate male roles, but felt pressured into cutting her hair and building up muscle. Lee recalled that, "once I entered showbiz, I was forced to live a life I didn't like", and growing increasingly unhappy, made several attempts at suicide before deciding to transition.[5]

Adopting the given name Si-yeon, Lee underwent Sex reassignment surgery male-to-female in 2007, and admitted to having doubts over her sexuality since being in secondary school.[5] She returned to acting later that year in the sequel Sex Is Zero 2, with her character from the original film now also a transsexual.[6] Lee publicly announced her sex reassignment prior to the release of the film, but was apprehensive about the reaction from audiences.[7] Co-star Shin-ee observed that surgery had not changed her image much, and stated that she had always regarded Lee as a "kid sister".[6]



Year Film Role
2001 My Boss, My Hero
2002 Sex Is Zero Lee Dae-hak
2007 Sex Is Zero 2 Lee Dae-hak

Studio albums

  • 2010, I was became woman

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