Lena Kundera is a fictional character from the American Soap opera All My Children. She was portrayed by Polish actress Olga Sosnovska. The character became the first recurring bisexual character on daytime television.[1]


Polish businesswoman

Lena comes to the United States to work in business. She is a successful European businesswoman, from Poland, who has the misfortune of working for Michael Cambias. She is hired by Michael to help him in a hostile takeover of several corporations in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. Michael and Lena were also romantically together during their time in Europe.

Their vicious aim is to get Erica Kane to sell her cosmetics company, Enchantment (as well as to get Palmer Cortlandt to sell Cortlandt Enterprises, Adam Chandler to sell Chandler Enterprises, and Kendall Hart to sell her cosmetic company, Fusion Cosmetics). However, things don't work out as they had hoped. This drives the villainous Michael, who does not take well to failure, to lash out at those who displease him.

Lena meets and falls deeply in love with Bianca Montgomery, Erica's lesbian daughter. At first, her romantic interest in Bianca is a hoax, set up by Michael, but she eventually does fall in love with Bianca. Although she deeply cares for the young woman, she is still beholden to Michael, and it naturally breaks Bianca's heart to see Lena in bed with him.

Ultimately, Lena frees herself from Michael's control and thus begins her relationship with Bianca anew. The pair's first kiss as a couple (chaste by soap opera standards) marks the first lesbian kiss ever on daytime television.[2][1] Their relationship ends some time after Bianca is brutally raped by Michael.

Michael's rape of Bianca certainly earns him Lena's hatred. At the so-called "funeral" for Michael, after he is found dead in a meat freezer, she angrily spits on his grave, as she feels that he robbed Bianca of a lot of things in her life. Eventually, she discovers that Bianca has been impregnated by Michael, and Bianca later gives birth to a daughter named Miranda. Lena is a support to both Bianca and Maggie Stone, during the time when Miranda has been unknowingly kidnapped and is being called "Bess".

Lena leaves Pine Valley months later, to return to Poland to care for her ailing mother. By this time, she and Bianca have clearly broken up.

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