A lesbian-identified is a person who identifies in whole or in part as a lesbian. Because of the diversity of experiences of individuals who self-identify as lesbian, the term encompasses a wide range of individual life histories, as well as genders. Primarily, the term embraces those with strong ties and history within the lesbian community but can apply to individuals who are male-bodied that identify as women and are attracted exclusively to women. For instance, a lesbian-identified male, is a homosexual woman who was born with a male body and is not seeking gender reassignment surgery. Instead of female hormones and corrective surgery to help make the outside match her inside, she simply lives with the package she came wrapped in as a lesbian to the best her body will allow. As well as female-bodied and exclusively homosexual women, the term lesbian-identified may encompass gynephile bisexual or pansexual transwomen, or female-bodied bisexual or pansexual women, a group which includes some (but not all) and transmen of various sexual orientations, as well as those who consider themselves off the traditional gender spectrum. At the other extreme, some women may identify themselves as lipstick lesbians.

Self-identification does not always equate to acceptance. Often bisexual and especially transwomen have felt somewhat marginalized from some facets of the lesbian community. Other lesbian groups, however, have fully accepted and welcomed them.

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