Lesbians protesting for same-sex marriage.

A lesbian is a female that is sexually and romantically attracted to other females. The term can be used as a noun or an adjective.



The word lesbian originally referred to an inhabitant of Lesbos, an island in Greece where an ancient Greek lyric poet named Sappho lived. Some of her poems concerned love between women. Whether Sappho was a lesbian in the modern meaning of the term or a poet who described lesbians is not known. While she did write poems about love between women, there is some dispute as to how her writings can be interpreted. Sappho's literary association with love between women led to the term sapphism as another term for lesbianism.

Other words used to describe lesbianism over the past 200 years have included amor lesbicus and tribadism.

There are many slang terms for lesbians including dyke and bulldyke. Both of these are almost always regarded as pejorative when used by outsiders, but many within the lesbian and queer communities have reclaimed their usage.

lesbian flags

The lesbian flag

lesbian flag of unknown source

lipstick lesbian flag

The lipstick lesbian flag created in 2010 by This Lebsian Life on wordpress, despite being relatively unknown, this flag is one of the most commonly used but is highly controversial due to racist, biphobic and ableist comments made by the creator

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