There has been much debate over what flag should represent Lesbianism, some of the most commonly used is an edited version of the lipstick lesbian flag and the labrys lesbian flag, however many other flags have been put forward

Common/popular Flags


This flag is commonly used as “the lesbian flag” however it is actually the lipstick/femme flag and as a result of this many lesbians don’t want to use it. This flag was also made by a transphobe and as a result many lesbians do not want to associate with it.


This flag isn’t as common as the lipstick lesbian flag but many people don’t like it for a few reasons, including: it uses nazi imagery (the black triangle although the point of including it was to reclaim the symbol), it’s popular with transphobic radical feminists (sometimes referred to as TERFs) and it was created by a man, as opposed to a lesbian

Ok lesbian.JPG

This flag is the new most commonly used flag. The orange encompasses butch lesbians and the pink for femmes, while the white encompasses trans and nonbinary lesbians.


This is one of many alternate lesbian flags that were created during mid 2018. A two-part survey was recently held to try and determine the most popular flag out of those put forward by the lesbian community and this flag (created by @apersnicketylemon on tumblr) was the eventual winner.

Other Flags put forward by the lesbian community


This first flag was created by @smile-charlie on tumblr, the meaning of the stripes are as follows: femininity, gender non-conformity, love/romance. The small number of stripes is to make it simpler for LGBT pride merchants and artists to recreate, as the lipstick lesbian flag is often left out of lgbt merchandise due to the complexity of the flag. Having only 3 stripes erases this issue totally.


This flag was created by @anurtransyl and was one of the first of the new flags to be created, it’s stripes mean:loyalty/trust, freedom to love women, trans/nb lesbians, serenity, and pride/love for oneself. Despite not being the most popular in the lesbian flag survey this one is commonly seen being used by lesbians on tumblr as an icon (usually accompanied by a tv/film character over the top of it)


The third flag here was created by tumblr user @numonous and was one of the more popular flag the lesbian flag survey, it’s stripes each have two meaning, they are as follows: freedom/lesbians of colour, diversity/non-cis lesbian, hope/disabled lesbian, energy/neurodivergent lesbians, passion/a-spec* Lesbians


• * aspec is shorthand for aromantic/asexual spectrum

• the organisers of the lesbian flag survey can be found at @which-lesbian-flag on tumblr and @martins-bay on twitter

• this is in no way a complete list of lesbian flags