Lesbian separatism refers to a range of extreme positions within the feminist and gay liberation movements, and is a mode of Queer nationalism and political lesbianism. In a moderate form, it advocates that lesbians should form separate, self-sufficient communities devoid of men, and which should have as little contact with wider society (and men in particular) as possible.

In its more extreme form, lesbian separatism advocates that all men should be killed. Julie McCrossin quotes "dead men don't rape" and "kill them in their cots" as slogans of extreme lesbian separatism [1]. However, it is difficult to determine how serious these statements are, as they are also referred to as "jokes", yet McCrossin intentionally puts the word "jokes" in scare quotes, as if to suggest that they may not be entirely joking.

Lesbian separatism has inspired various works of Science fiction, depicting future utopias in which all men have died out, and advances in reproductive technology have eliminated the need to have men for human reproduction.

Aristasia has been seen as an attempt to translate an utopian lesbian separatist fiction into real life, creating a world of women with two "sexes" (blonde and brunette) which is not only a subject of fiction but a way of life lived by women. Unlike many lesbian separatist movements, it accepts and celebrates the traditional idea of femininity.

Lesbian separatism is frequently associated with Dianic paganism. It is also referred to as "Militant Lesbianism" by some critics.

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