Leslie Alicia Cochran (born as Al Leslie Cochran on June 24, 1951) is a vagrant cross-dresser and arguably the most locally famous street person, according to local media sources, in Austin, Texas. He is an outspoken critic of police treatment of the homeless in the downtown Austin area. Many consider him to be the epitome of the Keep Austin Weird campaign, as demonstrated by his two time run for mayor as well as numerous articles in The Austin Chronicle and local news stations.

Leslie hangs out around 6th Street, usually around 6th and Congress during business hours. He is most frequently seen wearing women's clothing; his most popular attire is a leopard thong and high-heeled shoes. Leslie prefers to be known as a man.[1]

Austin mayoral election

In 2000, Leslie ran for mayor against the incumbent Kirk Watson and finished second. His popularity waned in the 2003 election because of his platform to house the homeless in tipis.

In 2004, he challenged Jennifer Gale (a homeless transgendered individual and a fellow mayoral candidate) to a debate at the University of Texas student union on the topic of who should best represent the homeless. Gale declined to participate unless given $50 of food from the Wendy's restaurant inside the union. "Dunlavy", the event organizer, declined.

Election results

May 6, 2000
  • 2,755 votes - 7.75%
November 6, 2001
  • 2,107 votes - 3.52%
May 3, 2003
  • 1,113 votes - 1.9%

Leslie Dress-Up Magnet

In 2006, Jimmy Haddox, co-owner of Wet Hair Salon, created the "Leslie Dress-Up Magnet," which contains an 8-inch likeness of Cochran along with several interchangeable magnetic outfits. Several Austin businesses sell the magnets, and Cochran himself receives 15% of the sales. Haddox predicted sales would exceed 10,000 by the end of 2006.[2][3]


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