This is a Chinese name; the family name is Li.

Li Jing (利菁)–(born 1962-10-25) born as Wu Chung-ming (吳中銘) – is Taiwan’s best known transgender entertainer. She was actually born Intersex In 1982, she underwent plastic surgery to bring out her femaleness, the gender she more identified with. She then received a doctor’s certificate allowing her to change the gender on her national ID card. She also changed her name to Wu Ming-en (吳明恩). She is now married.

She got her start on an Eastern Taiwan Television home shopping network in 2000. By 2003, she was successful beyond anyone’s expectations. In 2005, she started her own TV show, The Spicy Princess (麻辣天后宮). In 2007, she started another TV show, Red Explosion (紅色風爆).

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