The following is a list of LGBT events in the United Kingdom. This mainly encompasses gay pride parades but can also include some sporting events and film festivals. LGBT events are organised to promote tolerance or to campaign for equal rights between all sexual orientations. The most common symbol used at such events is the six-color rainbow flag.

Pride event Location Website Occurs in Started in
Bear Pride London London, England May 2007
Belfast Pride Belfast, Northern Ireland August 1991
Birmingham Pride Birmingham, England May
Blackpool Pride Blackpool, England May 2006
Bourne Free Pride Festival Bournemouth, England 11th -13th July 2008 2003
Brighton Pride Brighton, England August
Cardiff Mardi Gras Cardiff, Wales September
The London Drag Olympics London, England April
Glasgay! Festival LGBT Arts Festival Glasgow, Scotland October
Homotopia Liverpool, England [1] November
Huddersfield Pink Picnic Castle Hill, Huddersfield [2] July
Hull Pride Hull, England
Leeds Pride Leeds, England 5th August
Leicester Pride Leicester, England
Cardiff Lesbian & Gay Ball Cardiff, Wales May
Lincolnshire Pride Lincoln, England July 2006
London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival London, England March 1986
London Pride Festival Fortnight London, England June
London Pride Parade & Rally London, England July
Manchester Pride Manchester, England August Bank Holiday
Mr Gay UK Blackpool, England May-July 1993
Mr Gay Wales Cardiff, Wales May-July 2005
National Student Pride United Kingdom Feb 2009 2005
Nottingham Pride Nottingham, England
Oxford Pride Oxford, England July 2003
Cambridge Pink Festival Cambridge, England
Pride in Aberdeen Aberdeen, Scotland
Pride in Canterbury Canterbury, England
Pride London London, England
Pride Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland August 30th 2008
Pride Scotia Edinburgh, Scotland Early summer, alternates bi-annually between Edinburgh and Glasgow
Reading Pride Reading, England September
Plymouth Pride Event Plymouth, England July 7th 2007
Stoke Pride Stoke-On-Trent, England [3] August 2008
Middlesbrough Gay Pride Middlesbrough, England [4] September 2007